Kenefick family histories

This website is dedicated to Kenefick families all over the world, including those who still reside in Ireland as well as those who are descendants of emigrants who sought a better life elsewhere.

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What's new on this website?

Bernard Scallon has mapped the Michael Kenefick farm locations near Saint Sylvestre and Leeds in Quebec in the 1830s.    Click here to view the aerial map of Michael Kenefick farm locations in Quebec!

Did any of your Kenefick ancestors reside near Carrigaline, south of Cork City, during the 19th Century?  If so, you might find their names in this index to Keneficks in the registers of the five Roman Catholic parishes in the Carrigaline area.  Click here to view the index!

The Irish Genealogist has published an article by Anthony McCan about the Kenifecks of Ballindeasig House in County Cork during the period between 1787 to 1937.  You can read it here in PDF format.  Click here to read the article! 

Kenefick gravestones at Saint Francis Cemetery at Belmond, Wright County, Iowa, USA have been listed with photos at by Philip Weiss.  Click here to search the cemetery for Kenefick ancestors. 


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